Instrument Maintenance & Repair

Warranty period:

1. Instrument products warranty period is 36months ,since 30 days after products sent .Warranty range is all full sets products made by our company.

2. External products or attachments’  warranty should be offered by external company.

3. Fixed fees should be free in the warranty period only if the damage is not man-made cause .

4. After the warranty period , fixing payment should pay as follow(component fee+ work time fee + transport fee).

5. Generally, fixing time is about 10 days ,after we receive the instruments.

6. Each instruments fixed in our institute , must pass the certification test  before sent out.

7. If customers need  on-site maintenance ,should inform us earlier ,because the problems we can solve there not too much . Besides ,customer must have the checking  machines to check if the problems has been solved.

8. Address:
  Add :  No.98 Xiangjiang Road Qingdao Economy and Technology Development Zone, Shandong province  
  Tel : +86-0532-86896691
  Fax: +86-0532-86889056
  Email :
  Consignee : Dong Jiantao          EMS  Post code: 266555

European after service center:Aviatronik S.p.A.

Add:Via Roma 103  21017 Samarate (VA) –  Italy

Tel :+39 0331 2279.1

Fax: +39 0331 2279.44

Rome Office

Add:Via G.B. Bardanzellu, 4600155 Rome (RM) – Italy

Tel :+39 06 4060503


9. Expensive instruments must be packaged safely in the transportation .Using the wooden package box we sent to you is great.

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