Ceyear 1mm Interconnection Solution


                                        Ceyear released 1.0mm series coaxial components

Recently, Ceyear released a series of passive components up to 110GHz, including 1.0mm coaxial adapter, coaxial-waveguide adapter, coaxial microstrip adapter and directional coupler. The frequency range is from DC to 110GHz, using the 1mm precision interface of IEEE287-2007 standard. In addition to meeting the increasingly demanding broadband test requirements, compared with the waveguide test solution with limited bandwidth, a single device can be used to achieve full-band testing. This can reduce the complexity, internal cross-connect and uncertainty of millimeter wave systems.


The adapter can be seen as the joint of the test system and is the communication bridge between the devices under test and test instruments.

Adapters in the high-frequency channels play an important role in the signal transmission quality. The most commonly used 3.5mm, 2.92mm and 2.4mm adapters in microwave and millimeter wave systems are named from the inner diameter of the outer conductor. Then the problem arises. The 1mm connector interface is defined as 1mm inner diameter, air medium, 50 Ohm impedance and 0.434 mm outer diameter of center conductor. The female inner diameter of the center hole is just 0.25mm. Both the LPC and GPC female center conductors have a slotted design, and the wall thickness of the female center conductor is only 0.09mm! Yes, you are not mistaken, from design, materials to mechanical processing, there are grand and unlimited challenges!

As an adapter that is repeatedly connected during testing, it must have low reflection and high repeatability to ensure test accuracy. Ceyear 1mm series adapters not only have a variety of port types, but also obtain a very good return loss, which can effectively reduce measurement errors. The typical VSWR of 1mm adaptor can be 1.25.

tongzhi zihbiao.png

Ceyear 1mm coaxial series adapter mainly includes:

1.0mm-1.0mmDC -110GHzadapterSWR ≤1.5

1.0mm-1.85mmDC -67GHzadapterSWR ≤1.3

1.0mm-2.4mmDC -50GHzadapterSWR ≤1.22

1mm 连接器.jpg

Ceyear 1mm Coaxial-Waveuguide series adapter mainly includes:

WR10-1.0mm75GHz -110GHzadapterSWR≤1.38

WR12-1.0mm60GHz -90GHzadapterSWR≤1.38

WR15-1.0mm50GHz -75GHzadapterSWR≤1.38

1mm 波导连接器.jpg

Coaxial-microstrip adapters are mostly used for microwave active modules and the operating frequency is DC -110GHz, covering the whole frequency band, and the return loss is greater than 15dB.


Ceyear 1mm directional coupler used for microwave signal monitoring and separation is often used for power monitoring, source output power stabilization, and signal source isolation in millimeter wave systems. The 1mm directional coupler released this time can achieve the ultra-wideband operating frequency requirements of 2GHz to 110GHz. The product has a compact structure and excellent performance. The full-band return loss is better than 10dB, the straight-through insertion loss is less than 2dB, etc. Provides excellent performance guarantee in the microwave test.1mm.jpg定向耦合器指标.jpg

Ceyear continues to pay attention to microwave millimeter wave industry innovation, for the 1.0mm coaxial calibration kits will also be designed to confirm to market in the near future, please pay attention!


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