Newly upgraded products 4957B RF Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer


Newly upgraded products   4957B RF Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer

The 4957B RF Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer is a comprehensive test instrument that integrates 2-port vector network analysis, cable and antenna analyzer, vector voltmeter, spectrum analysis, field strength measurement, USB power measurement and other functions. It is a new upgraded comprehensive radio frequency tester. The frequency range is 9kHz to 6.5GHz. Compared with the previous products in the same frequency band, the 4957B radio frequency comprehensive tester not only has a great improvement in indicators, but also enriches different test functions.


4957B Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer

Main Characteristics

l  Adopts an ultra-high-definition 8.4-inch touch screen, supports normal, night and outdoor display modes, and automatically adjusts the brightness regardless   of  strong  light  or dark environment. The concise menu and friendly human-computer interaction interface will bring a new experience to your test.

l  Abundant test functions:  cable and antenna analyzer, spectrum analysis, vector network analyzer, USB power measurement and vector voltmeter, and more  abundant  test functions are added in different measurement modes.

l  Ultra-low display average noise level: ≤-160dBm/Hz@1GHz

l  Excellent phase noise specification: ≤-112dBc/Hz@100kHz (CF=1GHz)

l  Large dynamic range: ≥95dB

l  Fault location test for cables and antennas

l  Multiple power supply methods: AC power supply through adapter, DC power supply and built-in battery power supply, battery life lasts up to 3 hours.

l  Equipped with a sleep energy saving function. When the sleep function is turned on, if there is no operation for a certain period of time, it will automatically turn off the display or shut down, saving energy and power, effectively extending battery working time and battery life.

Various test functions

The 4957B RF Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer integrates measurement modes such as cable and antenna analysis, spectrum analysis, vector network analysis, USB power measurement and vector voltmeter, which is suitable for more measurement scenarios.


In the spectrum analysis mode, it has one-key integrated test functions such as channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, analog demodulation, interference map, spurious mask, carrier-to-noise ratio, IQ capture, audio monitoring, etc., which is convenient for solving more field test problems.


Various measure functions in Spectrum Analyzer Mode

The vector network analyzer adopts 2-port measurement, provides standard S-parameter vector network analysis capabilities, also has measurement functions such as time domain measurement, multi-measurement format, multi-window measurement, and can be used for amplifiers, filters, attenuators, and duplexers components S-parameter test, which can be used especially for external field measurement such as antennas, connectors, cables, etc.


Multi-modes and Multi-windows measurement in Vector Network Analyzer Mode


Ultra-low displayed average noise level and Excellent phase noise capability

The frequency range of the 4957B RF spectrum analyzer is 9kHz~6.5GHz, and the DANL can reach -140dBm, and it can reach -160dBm when the preamplifier is turned on, phase noise is better than -112dBc/Hz@100kHz, all these capabilities can effectively ensure the ability to test weak signals.


Excellent Phase Noise Capability


Outstanding DANL

Improvement of dynamic range in vector network analyzer mode

In the vector network analysis mode of the 4957B RF analyzer, the frequency range is 30kHz~6.5GHz, and the dynamic range can reach 95dB, which is convenient for you to quickly and efficiently measure the DUT with high rejection.


Large Dynamic Range Improvement

Cable and Antenna measurement

The cable and antenna analysis test function of the 4957B can help to measure the return loss, voltage standing wave ratio, impedance, cable loss, distance to fault point of the cable, feeders and other components under test. It will help you locate the specific faults and reason in the cable and antenna analyzer system that lead to the degradation of the overall system performance. Some common cable and antenna parameters are built-in to make your test more convenient and faster.

The 4957B Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer has comprehensive test functions and is very suitable for multi-parameter test occasions. It can be battery-powered, small in size, light in weight, and convenient to carry. It is a powerful tool for field test parameters of various electronic equipment, engineering installation and commissioning, daily maintenance and repair, which can be widely used in various fields such as communication, radio and television, radio management and best choice for college teaching.


DTF Measurement in Night Mode

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